Historically, the Danube Region has been the focus of a long series of programmes, projects and activities dedicated to various aspects of river, delta and/or coastal management. These dedicated programmes have been funded either at national and regional level, both by the E.C., as well as international institutions, such as UNDP, etc. These programmes have been largely dedicated, although not exclusively, to Research and Innovation. A series of sectorial programmes have made use of results derived from Research and Innovation (such as application of scientific results to improve navigation conditions). Nevertheless, a coherent integrated policy aiming to create an innovative framework of tools and instruments facilitating knowledge and technology transfer has never been implemented.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to identify most important projects related to the research and innovation in river – delta – coastal-marine environments within the Danube – Black Sea Macrosystem. The emphasis is put on those scientific areas focusing on the integrated management of the Danube River - Danube Delta - Black Sea, from geosciences, hydrology, limnology, oceanography, biology, ecology, remote sensing, socio-economics etc., which have an important impact on the policy making process. The information collected will be used to create a metadatabase with structured information about higher education programmes, research results and R&D infrastructure related to the management of fluvial – deltaic – coastal environments in the Danube macroregion.

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