Prediction of antimicrobial peptides

What: Investigation of antimicrobial peptide properties is an area of outstanding interest for the discovery of their mechanisms of action and to develop strategies for new biotechnological applications in medicine and plant protection. Thermodynamic parameters and the interaction parameters, the structure and stability of antimicrobial peptides have not been studied in detail. Computer simulations have become a tool increasingly more widely used in the past 20 years to study the structure of various biomolecules. A detailed analysis of antimicrobial peptides, including obtaining sources, mechanisms of action, medical implications, the biotechnological importance and biotechnological methods of analysis was published in the article Antimicrobial peptides - natural antibiotics.
Protein conformation

Why: Analysis of the molecular dynamics of antimicrobial peptides aimed to determining the effect of various natural and synthetic point mutations on conformational stability and changes in accessibility of the peptide area. Also, to use "in silico" sequence design of peptides with predetermined biological function, we analysed the dynamics of the different types of residues from disulfide bridges area known the importance of these bridges in stabilizing protein structures and their potential used in biotechnology applications.